365 days I draw (day 130 : camouflage) and Inspire me Sunday


My 365 days I draw, day 130 with the topic of CAMOUFLAGE and also my Sunday Sketch. I intended to draw 3 words this week but the word of 'unbearable' and 'striking' are just too hard for me to draw them out. Very tough :(

For today's Inspire me Sunday, I really like Nini 's comment on my previous post of MerryDay's Love is Being Together card design about getting in touch with the child in me. So, my link loves today are all about kids and what we (that means me :) would love to do and have if we could go back to be little :)

• Lovely movie about a little girl wandering in Paris, Betty in Paris
• Cute little girl illustration, Ella Bailey illustration
• I think kids will love this set of Sweet dream pastry beds
• and this too for kids (and adults) artists, Artist's palette and paintbrush cookies
• Cute and fun jellyfish necklace

Merry Sunday!


  1. This is a cool interpretation of camouflage. Blessings!

    1. Thank you :D It took me a week and just came up with this drawing this morning :)

  2. Very cute...and lots of fun.. :)

  3. This one made me smile as your flower caught me by surprise :) Yes a really good interpretation of the theme :)

  4. This is a really great way to interpret the word camoflague. I love the colors you used but I also love how much you made me think!

  5. Very cute and clever interpretation, love it! <3

  6. Great interpretation of the word! Love it.

  7. Thank you you all. So glad you love it :D

  8. these look so cute and cheerful!

  9. It's so important to let our inner child out to play as often as possible. I feel childlike when I lift a pen or paintbrush to dabble in art making! Sweet flower garden you have here today!

  10. A wonderful way to illustrate camouflague! I absolutely love your style! xo, janice

  11. Just wanted to let you know that I recently came across your blog and started following you. I love your fresh art style. Can't wait to see more! xx Kate

  12. I love LOVE these. Absolutely cute and darling. :)


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