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Today is a special day as my post here is now included in a wonderful blog hop called 'Artists Around the World blog hop' where you will meet artists from different places sharing their answers to 4 questions. I was invited by Nini from Made by Nini. A wonderful artist and inspiring friend. Thanks Nini!

Now in case you just happen to be here or have been following me not very long, let me introduce myself first. My name is Pavinee. I'm a freelance graphic designer and illustrator living in Bangkok, Thailand. Right now I'm focusing on my own little stationery design and illustration brand called MerryDay. I either use MerryDay or onMerryDay for my other online presence :)


And so here are the questions that may help you know me better :

1.Why do I do what I do?

If I were asked this question last year, I would simply reply that I loved creating and making art. It's a true joy in life. But this year, I have found the deeper meaning of how important art and creativity has been to me. I didn't realize this before but earlier this year, I suffered from some kind of unreasonable anxiety. I was afraid of everything. I worried about my parents even though they were fine. I worried that something bad would happen to my husband when he's out for daily job. I slept badly and felt bad all the time. I am an anxious person by nature but never felt this worst. Then I got back to my everyday drawing, trying to draw something every night before bedtime. The few minutes of each drawing helped me focus and calmed me and I began to feel better.

Art is really a healing tool. Now I feel more confident, less worried and be able to let go of things more easily. I want to live a happy life like this with least anxiety as possible. That's why I do what I do now:)

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

One thing is my drawing style. With years of practice, you will gain your own style. I'm always happy to hear that people can tell right away that this or that piece is my art. I am also blessed to be able to draw something merry and whimsical even when I feel most depressed. I'm not sure why but I guess it's because I want to be happy so I draw something happy. Simple as that :)

Making my art different from others is what I 'm always thinking. I love playing with composition,  stories and having a bit of element of surprise in my drawings. Right now I'm working on adding patterns and magical atmosphere into my art. It's fun to imagine things and figure out how to make it into my own style :)

3. How does my creative process work?

I generally brainstorm by writing down keywords first. Then from those keywords, I find more words related to (or unrelated to) the keywords and try to visualize a whole scene in my head before doing a pencil sketch. When I have a complete rough sketch, I scan in and trace over the sketch using pen tool or brush tool in Adobe Illustrator program.

This is for my digital work. As for my daily drawings, I try not to think much but just dive in and enjoy the process :)

4. What am I working on now?

My main project right now is to build up a whole new web site containing new collections of my MerryDay art. I used to have a portfolio web site under my own name (pavinees.com) but already cancelled it. My future will be under the name of onmerryday.com and I can't wait to welcome you to my merry world :)

I hope these answers are clear enough. If you want to know me better, you can follow my daily updates on facebook, instagram or this blog where I intend to make it the best record of my life: work, art and play :)

Next  Monday I would like to invite you to visit a lovely artist I met in Make Art That Sells class. Anais Lee is a talented and prolific artist with so many wonderful and refreshing art of illustration, graphic design, pattern design and lettering.

You can enjoy her beautiful artwork on her web site first and don't forget to come back next Monday when I update this post with the link to her answers :)

Thank you so much for coming. I love comments and feedbacks. They are really part of my improvement. So, let's connect :)


  1. Wow Pavinee, your story for finding art to be so good for you is amazing. I also love the fact you can draw happy even if you are not in a happy mood. Something I'd love to be able to do as well.

    Thank you for playing! <3

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story. I feel the same about the calming benefits of art. Your work is just beautiful & your style unique and distinctive. I will very much be looking forward to seeing your new website.

  3. I like hearing about your process. everyone has one in some way but the best one is simply to draw. there's something about seeing your creation come into view that makes all the hard work worthwhile.

    hope you have a wonderful & merry day.

  4. Hello Pavinee! I found your blog through an Etsy team thread, just started following you. I'm trying to link up to other bloggers, especially those who share my passion for art and creating - if it would not be too much trouble, please check out my blog and follow back? :) Great post, by the way...I can relate to you on the anxiety, sometimes I find that I stress over things sooo much..But creating and crafting is truly a calming outlet for me, too..Glad you were able to find some peace and happiness.



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