Find my eye : a photo walk

supermarket colors

Apart from Creative Courage class, I'm also taking some other classes. One of them is photography class by Kat Eye Studio. I learned of Kat's classes via Nini from Made by Nini who shared the news of Kat offering free one week e-course called Fuel Your Creativity. I tried the free offer and found the class valuable and with the discount of 20%, I signed up for her photography class, Find Your Eye.

The class does not focus on photographic techniques (you can also download Kat's free e-book, Digital Photography Basics here) Instead, it talks about how to find your personal photographic style, how to express yourself and connect with your art through photography.

The first lesson is about looking at my own photos. I'm not a good photographer. Most of my photos are of my artworks and work process with some closed-up shots of flowers, trees and plants. I notice that I only have a few of people shots. I guess I am just too shy to take other people's photos.

Yesterday I was not really in a mood for work. I had to go to post office anyway so it's a good excuse for going out. They says you can find inspirations everywhere, especially in the market where there is plenty of shapes and colors to explore so that's where I took my 'photo walk'. I forgot my camera so I used my old iphone to take photos of fruits, vegetable and grocery items. There were a lot of people in the market. I had to be quick in taking each photo and here are some of the shots. Sorry for the lousy photo quality. It's the best I could do with my old iphone.

supermarket colors

supermarket colors

supermarket colors

supermarket colors

It seems that I was more drawn to closed-up looks of all the shapes and colors. Different shapes and colors build up interesting patterns and I feel I can develop these photos into some kind of illustrated patterns. It will be a fun little project.

As for the class, Kat asks what I feel about photos I took. I think I have the feeling of not-so-sure. I love the colors and pattern but I need to learn more and take more photos. Practice, practice, practice :)


  1. Good luck and have fun with the class, Pavinee! Everything depends on what you want to tell the world/your audience with your photography. Think of the story you want to tell, the parts of your personality you want to show by sharing your photos. Looking at other people's photos and photo collections, their angles, the subjects they choose, the colours they use, noticing if they use filters, etc. and deciding and being able to express for yourself what you like about it or not can teach you a lot about your own photographic mission. What is the motto you live by and how could you translate it in your photography? Curious where this online class will bring you. Warm hug from Belgium x

    1. Thanks so much Elke. I'm wondering myself how this class will lead me. I'm just a bit worried that I may not be able to go out to take photos as much as I wish but I'll do my best!


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