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Little Big-Yellow-Ribbon Girl Bookplates

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I don't know why I like so much to have my little girls wearing something in bright yellow color on pure white background. I guess it looks bright like sunshine and makes me feel happy and think in positive ways. ^-^

I first learned the word 'Ex Libris' when I took typography class at school. We were assigned a little in-class project of making Ex Libris pads from scrap papers. It's the first year at school and I was too shy to ask what it was. I looked at others and did my best with my collage. At the end of the class, the teacher collected every pieces and we all had copies of everyone else 's Ex Libris pads the following week.

Although this is just a tiny bit of not so grand projects (we had more interesting and sometimes adventurous projects at school), I cherish this memory because it relates to books and the class atmosphere at the time is quite memorable. My school was pretty old. Most of the tables were broken and we always missed one or two stools in each class and had to borrow from other rooms. But it's a transitional period when I began my study. The Type classroom was one among few other rooms that had just been renovated. The room was white and spacious with everything new and shiny. What I remember best is the 4 beautiful Colonial styled white-framed windows. Each was large and high from floor to ceiling. They let warm sunshine pour in the room that day, something we most appreciated as sunny days were absolutely rare in Seattle...

Well, I think I'm nostalgic today.

Just click on the link above and see if you like my bookplates, will you? :-) It's still FREE SHIPPING !


  1. oh! is so cute! the colors are wonderfull!
    great work!
    kiss ^^

  2. This brought such a smile to my face. She is so lovely and cheerful! Wonderful work.

  3. Thanks! I myself love looking at her and feel happy.

  4. love the colors you used!
    So cute!

  5. Love the cheerful yellow with white polka dots bow!!


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