Baby Duck Bath bookplate and stickers



Two more items I have just added on my shop. Baby Yellow Duck personalized bookplate and Yellow Duck Stamp Stickers.

I love making bookplates. I feel happy when someone buy it and has it personalized with someone else's name. It reminds me of my best friend who bought me Barnes & Noble's gift voucher. With such book-related gifts, what else could make book lovers happier?

The stamp sticker is another thing that I enjoy doing. It requires more labor in the cutting part. Have I told you yet that all my items are homemade? I print everything from my Epson printer and cut and make envelopes by myself. This way I can control color quality and I can experiment with different kinds of paper easily.

Anyway, I used to collect stickers years ago and before that when I was a kid, my sister, my brother and I had a bedroom door full of stickers. You know...the way kids put stickers on their stuffs but we had the whole door panel! It's very pretty, I have to say, with all colorful stickers attached neatly on the panel by my sister.

I moved out from that house some twenty years ago. My cousin's family stays in that house now and the door is still there. Sometimes, I just think that we should have brought that door with us too. It's an art piece and our childhood memory :-D

There will be more stamp stickers coming in this 10 Million Love collection If all goes well, I plan to have more stamp design because I really love the format and the words, 10 Million Love, don't you?

Thanks for coming and commenting. I may be a bit quiet but I'm still here :-)

As always, have a merry day!


  1. Such cuteness, you're bookplate made me smile!

  2. Well, those are both just as cute as can be! nancy

  3. love love love the stamp stickers!

    you decorated a whole door with stickers? wow! i still decorate my journals with stickers and i used to fill my wooden book holder with stickers! that's to keep me interested in reading the boring books that sit on it! haha.

  4. the bookplate's adorable! wonderful creations you have here

  5. These are so lovely! Really happy and light. Full of love :)

    We have some tiles that stayed behind in the house I grew up in. Particularly a beautiful rooster that was stuck on the wall by our bath. I wonder if he is still there...

  6. Such sweet creations, as always!!

    I love the idea of taking that special door with you, but at least it's still in the family!


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