Sketching at library and Strawberry drawing on kraft

Strawberry sketch

Yesterday I went to sketch ideas in the neighborhood library. It was such a beautiful day. We have had bright blue sky with cute fluffy white clouds floating for a couple of days already and people seems to talk all about it. Nice weather always brings people some happiness :)

Back to the library, this library is located on the 8th floor of a big shopping complex building. I used to live in a small town where its local library was a small one-floored house in a quiet neighborhood. Having a library in such a busy shopping place seemed a bit weird at first but I found in no time that it's very convenient and not too busy at all.This library on the 8th floor is a little small and has a few windows to look out. It would be very nice if they could put on more windows considering its location of such a high place. Imagine reading and working while looking at bright blue sky (or maybe cloudy) or look down at busy streets below.

Anyway, This sketch is what I have from yesterday. I found that going out and away from the internet is actually helpful. I could keep my focus on my sketchbook and searching for ideas without interruptions (me browsing all the beautiful things on the web) for a few hours makes me feel very productive.

These strawberry sketches will be one of my next drawing collection. I should have some little cute gimmicks in this collection too. It's a fun idea and I hope I can pull it off :)

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