365 Days I draw ( day 120-121)

365 days I draw : Day 121 : shop

I have neglected my little project 365 Days I Draw for months. Time to get back and seriously continue. Here is my day 121, the topic is Shop. And below is my day 120 which I forgot to post it earlier, the topic is Baby.

It's a digital drawing day today. I hope I can post some sneak peek of my playground drawing here soon :)

Have a merry Monday!

ps. my drawings for 365 Days I Draw are scattered everywhere right now. I plan to get them all in one place soon. Meanwhile, you can look at my flick or my facebook for what I have drawn so far. :)

Day 120 : Baby


  1. Oh wow! I love both of them. You have put such an excellent twist on the Baby theme, I love it. And the Shop one is great as well, so much to see and enjoy.

    Keep them coming!


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