Moving to my new home : www.onmerryday.com

I have been working on my new web site for some time and recently decided to move my site to Squarespace. It has nice and clean templates and easy interface. This site is still under construction but you can view my about page and I have already exported blog posts over there. I'm pretty excited with my new home as it will contain everything merry that I have made and done including the section of merry diy which I'm working on right now. 

Welcome to my new home www.onmerryday.com and meet me at my new blog!


  1. Love your new website :-) I am in process of updating mine too on Squarespace.

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  3. It's been half a year since you moved on to your new website. How are things doing in your new blogging platform? I hope you’d still be able to update this one though. By the way, your DIY projects are so cool, and I’m sure the visitors in your new website will love it too. Have a great day!

    Lee Swanson @ Your Marketing Crew


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