Book I read : Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright

This book had been in my huge pile of TBR for years and it became one of the books that told me to stop buying new books (or at least buy less), read and discover gem in what you already had (but shamelessly neglected). It is a beautiful book. The one that makes you feel good when you finish it at night and wake up feeling wonderful the next morning.

Thimble Summer is an old-fashioned kind of book (well, it's an old book written decades ago). A story of a little girl named Garnet and her family. It tells simple everyday life in farm house and her little adventures. Not action-packed or thrilling fantasy, just some mishaps that could happen in your childhood. The book gives you the charming nostalgic feeling of good old days when everything was simple, not so complicated as now.

I'd like to give a bonus point for the book's illustration too. Always love illustrated chapter book. It really adds charm to story. I have just learned that Elizabeth Enright was an illustrator and her simple line-drawings really match the story. Just love it :)  

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