colorcute series 4: sketches

Some cute stuffs that I always enjoy drawing :-) Surely, they are in Colorcute series but none of these sketches has been colored yet. Maybe in the future...

I wish I could have a longer post here but it's too hot and I'm too tired to say anything more.

Hope you have a great day today!


  1. I just love them..I know Ive said it before...but you have a wonderful talent!!Cat

  2. Thanks!

    I just enjoy drawing cute stuffs :-)

  3. Your colorcutes are delicious! ;O)
    Your mini print arrived on Friday and I loved it! I have actually put it on a small frame in our room and looks so cute and happy... I cannot really find the little defect you mentioned... and the paper is beautiful too... can't wait to see what you will come up with in your Etsy shop! ;O) Have a nice week babe! ;O)))

  4. Oh! I'm so happy to hear that you put it on a frame for your room. Really want to see it :-)

    I'm glad you like the paper. I was doubting it because although I love the texture I think it's still too thin and flimsy.

  5. Yes! I am going to take a photo of the card framed and make a blog post! The paper is lovely, I can't find anything like that here. I would happily use it for cards or small prints! ;O)


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