Can anyone help me choose?

A quick post today....

I feel like posting something but no photo today. Just something in my mind.

The Halloween sticker set is almost done and will be listed on my shop very soon and I haven't show you the card yet, right? Just wait and see :-)

Now I'm getting really fun making cute things. There are so many ideas waiting to pour out (just hope that I can use that creative juice on my day work too :-P) Anyway, there are 3 things in my head that keep fighting to be the first I pick to draw next. They are...

1) School Time
2) Wizard of Oz
3) Little Red Riding Hood

Can anyone choose for me? :-D


  1. Oooh I'd love to see Wizard of Oz! But all these ideas sound wonderful, no wonder you are having trouble choosing!

  2. School Time! That would be so cute!

  3. as for me i'll choose Red Riding hood, but for sell maybe school is better?

  4. ็Hmm...totally different replies but thanks! ;-)

    I think I'm going to let my magic pencil work for me he hehe :-D


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