It's a bit early but here they come, my Halloween set on Etsy!

witch you a happy halloween blank card

Witch you a Happy Halloween blank card

jack-o-lantern sticker set

jack-O-lantern Sticker Set

I finally finished this Halloween set. Yehhh! ^o^

I was a bit nervous making these two little pieces as they both needed die-cutting. ( I wonder why I designed it like that. :-P) I stupidly realized that die-cutting for such design was going to be a pain after I had already printed them out :-P
Then, I just said 'Oh well, I need to do that anyway...'

Have you ever been like me? You know there should be some other ways to work around but you just stubbornly do it anyway. Maybe because I was getting tired at the time and it's getting late at night and I didn't want to put it off anymore so I just picked the knife and did it. (sounds like a scene from horror movie? :-)

I'm telling you honestly that this paper set is not perfect but it's handmade and I had fun making it ^-^

Stop by my MerryDay shop to see details of these little cute set if you'd like.

Thanks for coming and Have an early merry Halloween! ;-)

PS. I have just realized that I had pumpkins ready for props but I totally forgot about it and used orange instead! :-p


  1. The cards are sweet :-) I love Halloween.
    Thanks for your visit. I can't wait to explore your place :-)

  2. Thanks for coming Christine. I love your blog, beautiful photos and sketches!

  3. pumpkin sherlock holm... delicious

  4. these are lovely - and not too early at all :)

  5. Hard Dog Cafe,

    LOL yeah! pumpkin sherlock holm! I didn't think about that but he does look like Holm!

    Desiree Cassidy,

    Thanks! :-)

  6. Great Halloween set! :=D
    the jack-O-lantern Sticker Set it's really lovely!

  7. Love the 'H'appy wordings and pink cupcake with the black skull!


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