Sporty pencils and a funny story ^-^

sporty pencil

sporty pencil

I think this blog is going to be too boring if I keep talking and showing my shop items. So, let's take a break and talk about something else, shall we? ^-^

I'm not a sport person but these sporty mechanical pencils are too cute to be ignored. I bought them from a supermarket in my neighborhood. I especially like the design on top. At first, I thought the ball things were just some kind of decorative parts but you can actually roll down the plastic covers and use the ball erasers. I think they are way too cute to be used though.

I bought these for my nieces and they didn't believe me that it's actually an eraser until I showed them. They really love these pencils ^-^

Talk about sporty, I just read a short story called The Sporting Decision by Maeve Binchy. It goes like this:

a man fell in love at first sight with a girl whom he met at an antique fair. He nervously started a conversation with her in the topic of horse racing (he's quite crazy about this kind of sport) and indirectly asked her out by suggesting that she should call him if a specific horse won a game. This intrigued her and they waited for the horse to win but it didn't. She wanted to call him but she didn't. He wanted to call her but didn't either.

So, what happened at the end? I think I'd better leave it blank here. It's quite easy to guess the happy ending though.

What a funny and cute short story! I'm just wondering what if she had no idea about horse race?

The story is in a book called 'The Return Journey' by Maeve Binchy, in case you want to read it. ^-^

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  1. I will find the book!
    It's sound so right to read in quite evening after work,with my favourite"loe to tell"tea^^

    You have a nice work^^


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