FruityCute Girl and inspired doodles



I have two things to show you today. First is my most favorite character, FruityCute Girl :-D. The design is one of the first drawings I did when I started my Etsy shop. The very first version of this girl looks very different. Her face was fat and she didn't smile prettily as the latest version does. It's the same drawing but just a bit of line adjustment can make the two girls look so different. :-)

You can find my FruityCute Girl notepads on my shop now.

Second is my inspired doodles! Here are my doodles for the topic of 'library' and 'sunshine'. Click on the image to see the larger version:

inspied doodles : library01

I like the idea of mobile library although I have never seen one :-)

inspied doodles : library02

I have always wanted to publish my own book, written, illustrated and designed by me. I guess I have to start writing a complete manuscript first!

inspied doodles : sunshine01

Lollipop looks like sunshine and it makes you smile, doesn't it?

The Sunshine girl on the right page is a character I would like to be. She is always positive, energetic and she can be happy even in cloudy days :-D

Hope you enjoy my post. Have a merry, sunshine day!


  1. I really like all these different "doodle topics". Especially the libraries :)


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