AEDM2010 : Candy Acrylic


I was supposed to work this morning but somehow I ended up doing this instead :-( I found this candy painting while I was looking for some papers for the sketchbook. It was done long time ago when I took an acrylic class at school. I like painting in acrylic because it's quite easy to correct, you can just paint over what you don't like.

The girl was drawn digitally though. And I guess I have to really stop using yellow now :-P

A bit tired today. Hope you all have fun with your day :-D


  1. adorable painting and your added digital elements are fantastic... this would make a great card :)

  2. Cute painting and the little girl looks perfect on there. I like painting in acrylic too!

  3. this looks way more fun than working! very sweet!

  4. I love it! So charming. And I love the yellow. Always. <3

  5. with winter coming in this hemisphere - we need all the things we can get that have bright colours like yellow - so don't give up the yellow!

    I wish you a merry day too.

  6. the painting is adorable! the digital girl is a nice touch. yellow is a wonderful colour so keep using it!


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