AEDM2010 DAY08 : want to send an ecard?

design for ecard

Today I try doing this design template for pingg.com, a free online invitation web that opens for designers to contribute their work. It looks fun and I make this template for a test.

Please go to this page >>http://www.pingg.com/gallery/design/tea-time rate it and tell me what you think. You can send out the card to your friends if you'd like. It's pretty easy and fun !


  1. What a great idea. And I love your design, it's bright and sparkly, and the tea cup hat is perfect.

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    (via AEDM)

  2. This looks interesting. Does it work well as a marketing tool? I noticed you had your etsy information on it.

  3. I like your little character. She is cute and sweet. I'll have to check out some of your other pieces.

    Happy AEDM!

  4. @rennata

    You can put your link on artwork. But I'm not sure yet if it's great for promoting your business. I'm pretty new there :-)

    Thanks for visiting everyone!

  5. I adore this! (I suppose I always say that about your work, but it's true.)

    I've never heard about that site, but it sounds awesome. I will definitely be checking it out - thanks! <3

  6. Really love your designs, they feel so complete and warm :) keep up the good work!


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