AEDM2010 : a festive boot :-)

a festive boot

At first, I thought of a big ribbon on a gift box. Then I changed it to a hat. But somehow the hat's brim just transformed itself in to a boot! Magic pen, isn't it? :-D December is coming. So it comes the beginning of all the festive feelings!

Today is Sunday, a day that I feel like doing nothing at all. Perhaps, I will do some sketches for my tomorrow's job and curl up on my lazy sofa and enjoy a good book after that.

Have a merry weekend!

PS. if you happen to glimpse a little spot of purple, I apologize for that. I was going to use purple but it looked too dark so I used red (although it looks pink in this photo) instead :-)


  1. It's so beautiful and now I desperately want a pair of Victorian booties like this! The buttons and little heel are so perfect.

    (I didn't even notice the purple until you mentioned it!! It blends right in.)

  2. This is so cute, how creative, I love it!

  3. What a beautiful festive boot! I wonder what it's stuffed with.... any gifts in there or is the boot = the gift?

  4. It reminds me of Yellow Submarine. I think it's the style of the boot.

  5. heehee! What a wonderful present/hat/boot! Love it! :)


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