Drawing Lab Challenge compilation

I spent last week taking new pictures of all my Etsy items on my shop. I think the shop looks more refreshing now. I'm also creating a new cute design set. Will talk about it soon. But for today, let's talk about some sketching!

I have totally neglected my participation in Drawing Lab Challenge for so long. It's about time to catch up with it now.

These are 3 labs I just did last weekend. Not really complete pieces, just hand drawn practice and I enjoyed them very much :-)

Lab 41 : Nature Walkabout

The idea of this lab is to grab paper and pen and walk outside, observe and draw whatever you see. Fill the page. Come back and connect all the things you draw together to make one piece of work. This is my final:


And this is what I had drawn before:


Lab 12 : For Your Eyes Only

Basically just to draw eyes. There are more details in this practice but I was too tired to follow everything. So, I just enjoyed drawing. First realistically:


Then stylized:


I wish I would draw more weird shapes, play something with these but it seems that I kept repeating some similar lines. My imagination didn't work very well that night :-P

The last one, Lab 24 : Scribbly Drawings

Just scribble. Work lines from within not from outline as we generally do. I drew my little bear doll. It's a strange feeling not to draw outline first but It's getting more fun as I drew and drew. I guess I could keep on drawing through the whole book!


I love my little bear running on the lower right corner, do you?


  1. These are all sooo lovely! I particularly love your nature final piece....so beautiful and has me yearning to take a walk out in nature :)
    ps. love your new header and side bar buttons, looks so fresh and inviting! x

  2. Great assortment of sketches!

    The nature study is very intriguing.

    I pulled my copy of the book out but still haven't started. Other exciting ideas catching my attention.

  3. Hi Pavinee, Love the running bear...what's he running too or from, I feel there's a story there...

  4. Your drawings are great. Doing more drawing is always on my to-do list. That challenge looks like a good idea.

  5. I just got the Drawing Lab book in the mail this week! I keep saying I am going to be better about drawing and all of the books I have goten so far have been intimidating and time consuming. So far I have been enjoying this new book! Your sketches are great...keep it up!

  6. Thanks all. I really enjoy this exercise but I feel the time I gave each lab too short though. Need to take it longer to really experiment for the next lab :-)

  7. Oh my gosh! These bears are so freaking adorable! I just want to cuddle with them all hahaha. I also adore the one in the lower right corner...Squeeee


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