A week of weakness and a drawing book

How to Draw Anything

This week has been a week of weakness for me. I have got a cold, not so grave but not well enough to work in full strength. I try not to feel guilty much. There were several previous weeks of productivity with sketchbook full of work sketches, a week of little work progress wouldn't hurt. As my mom always says 'Take it easy, things will come in your way.' I don't quite believe it fully. To have 'things come in my way', I have to create the way first. But then she is right, people won't feel joy in your art if it's created under stress and pressure. Creativity is really a matter of balancing. Too much pressure, your work comes out dry and suffocating. With no pressure at all?, the work will never come out.

So, I try to be productive in such non-productive days. Books are always my best friends. I choose to read something about art just to have a feeling I'm still working, at least on my creativity. How to Draw Anything by Mark Linley is a very pleasant book, easy to follow with beautiful line drawing examples. I like how he adds little stories in the instructions like how he suddenly got chased by an angry sheep while trying to draw a scene. His writing is very friendly and even if you don't care to improve your drawing skill, it's still a good read :)

Thanks for coming, I hope you have had a merry week :)

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