Inspire me Sunday : Tina Roth Eisenberg

My sister sent me this talk the other night. After watching it, the talker immediately became one of my idols. I have known Tina Roth Eisenberg as Swissmiss for years but just recently learned her real name and that she's the one behind Creative Mornings and Tattly.

I notice that I have become more aware of myself lately. By reading books, taking e-courses, I'm getting a closer look into my life and seriously thinking about how to change it for the better. Tina's talk inspires me in that matter too. She has two things I feel I lack (and wonder if I can gain it). One is the willingness to take risks, the other is an ability to have fun in life. Not that I never took risks. I guess opening Etsy shop and even having this blog can be considered as taking risks. But I feel there are something, more important things, I haven't had enough gut to do.

An ability to have fun in life is also something I feel I don't own completely. By nature, I'm a very serious and pessimistic person although I think I have developed the fun side of me with the help of my husband and older years. I tend to be serious in little things and sometimes blind to see things in perspectives. I mean, there are always fun side in everything if you look for it. It's a significant trait for a creative person, to be able to see things in different ways.

So, I'm going to keep this talk in mind. There are risks I have always wanted to take for ages. One of them I'm planing to take tomorrow :D. It's not a big thing but hopefully can be the first comforting step leading to bigger ones.

About to have fun in life? I guess I can just begin by not thinking about it too much. Yes, just to have fun on this merry Sunday :)

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