Vintage typewriter and camera sketches


Sketches for Make Art That Sells part B week 3 : Scrapbook. Keywords for this assignment are vintage camera and typewriter. I enjoyed drawing both items but a bit nervous as there seems to be a lot of gorgeous work out there in this theme. The challenge is how to create a unique design, something fresh, different and truly represents my style. One way to find out is to just keep working. We'll see soon if I can pull this off :)

The hardest part of working on personal project is that you have to struggle through self-doubt and self-criticism everyday. I have to constantly remind myself that art is really a matter of opinion. You cannot satisfy the whole world anyway. The best I can do is to focus on the process, keep working, practicing and ignoring whatever that may discourage me. Easier said than done... but how else can we do? 

So, keep calm and keep working :D

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