Art swap : Merry Girl in the flower garden


Last year I had a chance to meet wonderful ladies through Creative Courage facebook group. One day the idea of having a sketchbook swap group was posted and I immediately asked if I could join. It's quite strange for my timid self to ask something like that and it was going to be an international activity too. But then I was in the course talking about courage and creativity, I guess that's why I surprised myself :)

I have to say it's really one of my best decisions in life. We finally formed a small group around May 2013 and now is July 2014, the group project is done. Since we're still figuring out how to reveal the whole project, I'm going to go into details later when we are ready. For now, I guess it's ok to talk about my very first contribution to the project.

I remember posting above picture on my facebook page last year. It's the first stage of the page I was doing for the project. I didn't think much at first what I would do. I just sat down and drew flowers (my usual subject when doodling). Then a picture of a field of flowers started forming in my head and I kept drawing more.


I wanted to play with depth so I tried cutting out the flowers. (I hesitated for a second but this was supposed to be playing and fun so pick up the scissors!)


At this point, I knew how I would like the whole image to turn out. I traced the outline of the first cut-out paper on another sheet, lightly with pencil. This became a guideline for drawing another set of flowers. Then my character, Merry Girl, came in on the stage. I cut her out of another sheet of paper too.


I also cut out the second flower set then tried layering the pieces. The idea was to make it look like my Merry Girl was admiring flowers in the garden.


The last step was to add the big smiley sun and little fluffy clouds in the background. I was thinking about adding something more but I already learned how to stop when it's enough. I just didn't want to ruin the whole scene ;)

You may have a glimpse of adjacent page on the right. It's another member's contribution in this sketchbook and I can't wait to show them all!

Thanks for coming. I hope this bright drawing can make you feel merry :)


  1. You made such a wonderful page <3

    1. Thank you! I'm glad it inspires your great piece too :D

  2. Pavinee, it has been so much fun working with you on this project. Your book was the first I received and I absolutely loved it. I really hope it inspires you to do more collage because they are just delightful. I especially love your Merry Girl and all those flowers.

    1. It has been a great pleasure creating art with all of you. I'm so glad that my piece can inspire yours too. Suzi :)

  3. I love how you talk about being shy & easing into this project as well as into your first illustration - tentatively cutting and the idea growing while you went :) Love it as a metaphor for how the group and friendship developed and the conversations deepened! Loved and still love being part of this with you :)

    1. Oh I didn't realized this. You are so observant. Your interpretation really makes this post special. Thank you :D


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