Draw everyday no. 54 and what I have learned


I posted this draw everyday no. 54 on my MerryDay Page the other day and immediately got a feedback from one of my followers that she liked this drawing without colors better. Below is the drawing she talked about. I forgot to take a photo of the drawing without the bracelet. (I took this photo with the bracelet just for fun :)


My first response to her comment was 'oh no, I shouldn't have posted this. I don't like it either'. I got a little worried as before this colored version, I got a lot of good feedbacks on the first line art drawing and someone actually asked if I had this piece for sale. I worried that she might not like this colored version. But then realizing that I was going back to be my old self who thought too much on little things, I pulled myself back and found good things from this little incident.

One is that I seem to be able to worry less about trying to be perfect. I didn't like this color combination but I posted it anyway.  By showing it in public and getting feedbacks, my doubt got confirmed. Although there were also some people who liked it, I knew in my heart that the colors were not right yet and I need to improve it.

Second is that it seems I'm getting more and more valuable feedbacks from MerryDay's followers who care enough to stop by and tell their opinions. I have been with my page since 2010 posting and getting some likes for each post and few comments from time to time. Now I'm getting more feedbacks and conversations in the page. I guess it's because of my everyday post of work in progress. While my followers are learning about how my art process is like, I'm also learning from their feedbacks. It's a kind of happy interaction :)

So, that's what I have learned from my little drawing. I'm going to work more on its color selection and will make it a greeting card and A4 print for my shop. It will be a wonderful addition to my new merry collection :)

Thanks for coming. If you have time, please drop a line and tell me how you like this drawing :)
Wish you have a merry day!

PS. If you just happen to be here for the first time and want to know me better, you can read my post of 'Artists around the World blog hop' here, or follow my 'draw everyday' on instagram or facebook :)


  1. I am just like you. I worry about everything. Sometime I not even be brave enough to draw (I'm working on this.) Last week, I went to JJ market and talked with an artist. I told her about my problem, she told me that if you make mistake, you can re-draw it. It's simply and good lesson but, I know, sometimes it hard to think like that. But I'm sure we can do it.

    Since I too fear to draw and paint, I will scan my drawing when I'm terrify to paint. It makes me be brave enough to play with my drawing.

    By the way, I love how you update your work process everyday. Actually, I just created a Facebook page that I plan to use it for updating my work and I did it because of your page :) I learn a lot from you. Please keep sharing and making art.

    1. So glad to hear that :D Showing work publicly can teach you a lot of things. First is to conquer your fear and then connect with others who may have the same dream :) Please tell me your facebook page address. We can help each other learning :)


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