draw everyday and the space of freedom


Today I changed the name of my daily drawing project from ' Little brown book project' to 'draw everyday'. I named it 'little brown book' according to the small size of the book I meant to keep drawing on everyday. Then yesterday, on my artist's date, I bought a large nice A4 sketchbook on a whim and drew a large line drawing of the afternoon tea set I was having.


When I got back home, I drew more on another A4 kraft paper sketchbook. Then I realized how much I enjoyed it. I rarely drew large drawings in A4 size as most of my sketchbooks I stored are in A5. Come to think of it, I might have been unknowingly intimidated by large blank space. Today I drew another large one and while drawing I suddenly felt something like freedom.  I didn't think much of the job project I had been doing since morning. There were flashes of things in the future I was worried about but most of the time, my mind was on lines and colors that I smoothly and comfortably put on the large space. I didn't care if people would love this drawing or not. It's enough for me to feel joy with my imperfect lines and I started to truly understand why some artists never gave up their art and why some preferred working on giant canvas. I suspect they might have felt the same freedom I just experienced today :)

If you are interested in my draw everyday project, you can follow my facebook page or instagram. I hope you enjoy it :)

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