AEDM2010 : Colors on Black

color on black

I never thought I would be addicted to blogging. It's Saturday. I went out for a nice lunch with my family, shopped for things (including a set of water color paints, I have never painted water color since school time, we will see what I come up with soon :-) and came home thinking about book I read last night. Then, I just automatically turned on my computer, checked my blog posts with nice comments (thank you!) and totally forgot about the book and did this little drawing instead :-)

I have always wanted to do colors on black paper. This one I used color pencils. (I'm wondering how water color will look like on black paper too but that will be another project.) I didn't have any actual ideas in mind, I just drew it (I use this phase a lot with my Sketchbook Project :-) It turns out to be something I always draw anyway.

Now I'm curious, what do you see in this drawing? Please tell me.


  1. Ooooooooooooooooooh I love the colors on the black paper -- will look forward to seeing how your watercolor experiment turns out!

    It's totally fine with me if you share my "coloring book dream" on your Facebook page, Pavinee. Thanks for linking back to the post with it.

    Art On!

  2. I see a jellyfish who has absconded with a hat and flower pot to disguide itself. I love the dramatic contrasts and bright colors of this one!

  3. Kelly,

    You make me laugh! But yes! it does look like a jellyfish. I just notice that the colors look almost fluorescent making it looks like a jellyfish under the water :-)

  4. What a sweet sketch...I see swirling hair twisting in the wind underneath a flowerpot hat! :)
    I used black for my AEDM piece today too..first time I've adventured there!
    Love your gorgeous work in your etsy shop...very cute indeed :)

  5. First I saw a spaceship, then a jellyfish, then a bonnet! It could be a space alien jellyfish wearing a flower bonnet:)

  6. How fun to do your drawing on black paper. I love the way the white especially stands out on it.

    I saw hair swirling out from under a hat with a flower pot on top. Makes me think of the children's picture book Who Took the Farmer's Hat. All the animals in the barnyard see the farmer's hat as something els.

  7. it is a lovely drawing! fun to draw on black paper, you did a great job!!

  8. Pavinee...
    I wanted to drop you a line and let you know I have added your blog to my "Whimsical Blogs" list...you have now reached the echelons of whimsicallity- I appreciate your site and look forward to following.

    If you want a "seal of whimsy" for your blog you can get the code here:

    thanks for the posts,
    Professor of Whimsy


  9. it's a red UFO with an alien disguised as a flower pot getting ready to land on the ocean to explore the sea creatures!

    but it could be one of your merry girls with a red flowerpot hat and billowing hair. :)

  10. Hmm... part of me sees vines and plant parts, the other part sees a lil jellyfish with potted flowers on his head! tehe Very cute! I love those swirling lines.

  11. I love all of your ideas. I didn't see jellyfish or UFO. You all make me smile! :-D


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