It's a photo shooting day :)


This is what I did all day today, photo shooting day :) I have spent my long holiday reading and making some new paper goods to add to my shop.  I thought I would finish 4 design but I had so much fun that I kept making more :)

So, I ended up with 7 new pieces altogether! These include one cute recipe card, two mini notecards (one with cute baking girl and the other with refreshing flower design), a greeting card of flower garden, a set of cheerful flat notecards, a mini greeting card of baby bath illustration and a set of personalized notecards.

That's a lot! Now, the hardest part is taking photos. I'm not really good at photography but I try to learn and notice what works and what not. The drawing you see here is almost like my actual studio except that I don't have any cat :) 

It took me all day to take all the photos. I felt completely exhausted and a bit dizzy after the long day. Next step will be adjusting all images in Photoshop and writing all the detailed descriptions and promoting them. It's a lot of work and sometimes I feel I need to take a break and go see some other things outside my studio. But the fun of creating and seeing ideas in my head come to life really pulls me. 

I used to find some excuses to go to bookshop every week but I hardly think about it lately. It's kind of nice, both to my shop and my wallet :)

Thanks for coming and happy creating! :D

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