My etsy shop, MerryDay, is officially reopened!

Today I'd like to announce that my etsy shop, MerryDay, is officially reopened! :D

Back to year 2010, when I was just starting to dream of working in illustration field, I took the plunge and opened my MerryDay Etsy. I thought I already owned some personal style but I had no idea about selling and promoting business. I had no plan. Everything I did was just blindly done in desperate attempt to sell. I didn't devote myself enough to improve my shop too. I thought it was a hobby and spent most of my time working on freelance job to pay the bills and dropped in the shop only when I had spare time.

That was a wrong step. I did sell some of my items but since I didn't create more art to put in the shop and promote my brand, it became very quiet. I decided to put the shop on vacation. But I still had my MerryDay Page on Facebook which I had to say that it was the most helpful step in my illustration career. I posted daily drawings and sold some of my own handmade paper goods through the page. Just for fun at first. Then I realized that I enjoyed drawing and making things so much that I wanted to have my own brand.

Then, I looked back at my etsy and asked myself : how about a second try?

This time, I did a lot of research while drawing everyday to establish my new style. There are so many things to learn and I think I need to improve my drawing skill more. But you cannot keep learning without actually doing it. So, I created two illustrated collections, took photos, planned shop re-opening. And here it is, my MerryDay shop is back to life! :D

It's not perfect and I need to learn more of so many things like photography, promoting, connecting, business stuffs. They all sound tedious and intimidating but I feel challenged, energized and really, really want to see my growth in this art-business field. I do believe determination can make it happen. I just have to hold on to it. :)

My shop is open now. Please go there, browse around, see if you like anything. Or if you don't like, I will be very grateful if you can tell me how I can improve it. I will continue adding more items to the shop and updating my work progress here.

Please share if you like my shop or want to support my creative journey. Spiritual support is very significant for those who work in art field, I think :)

Thanks for coming! I wish you have a merry day :D


  1. Your cards are absolutely adorable. I wish you all the best!

  2. With the reopening of your business comes a renewed devotion to keep it steady this time. It's good to know you didn’t totally give up when you closed down your shop before. Yes, a second try would be worth it. In fact, you can give yourself as many chances as you want. After all, business is about taking risks and chances, and you can’t expect its success to happen overnight. I hope this second try went well for you. Have a nice day!

    Clint Shaff @ Franchise Match


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