Joining creative group and today is red!


I always love the idea of creating art based on keywords. That's how I start with each of my graphic design work project, find main keywords and develop connections from those words.  My 365 days I draw works with this idea too, also the Treasure Hunt photo prompts I talked about last week and other creative groups I found on blogs and facebook.

The latest one is from a facebook group called #amonthof. The general concept of this group is to create things based on keywords the group members select for each month. For this April, it's a month of color. And red is the first!

I spend most of my time in my studio which is also my home. So, I don't have many shots of traveling outside. I love taking pictures of everyday things though. The red plastic spoons come with ice cream boxes, I think. The red and green apple pattern is on cookie tin box which I bought just because of its pretty package :P and the beautiful red rose gift wrapping paper for the background.

Below is the other shot of my favorite thing. It's not red-red thing but I think the same red rose wrapping paper could help :) It's a close-up shot of my recently-bought notebook which replicating illuminated manuscript art. The details are embossed beautifully. It's a bit expensive but I can't help it. I'm glad I did buy it now :)

Thanks for coming, have a merry red-red day everyone :D


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