Inspire me Sunday : peaceful blue

peaceful blue sky
peaceful blue sky
peaceful blue sky

Hello peaceful Sunday. I woke up this morning hesitating if I should sit in front of the screen and try to finish my work. I decided against it. My eyes are getting dry from too much computer work and Sunday should be an energy-charging day so that I can work effectively in the next whole week.

Still, it seems that I just can't get away from the web too long. I miss blogging and you know what, this is the first week that I post everyday! Even better news is that I didn't force myself to write. I just felt like doing it. I found myself thinking what I would talk about during the day and sat down and wrote it at night. It will be great if I can make this a habit. Imagine having 365 day posts at the end of the year! Sounds too ambitious but it's fun to dream :D

Today I just want to throw in some beautiful blue sky photos with short message and then I realize this and words just come flowing. I just love it ;)

Have a beautiful merry day everyone!

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  1. It's great that you blogged everyday! It's hard. I didn't blog at all this past week! I was on vacation, so that's part of the reason, but it's still not easy. Beautiful photos!!


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