Book beauty Monday : Charlotte Voake


Light and airy are words I think of when the name of Charlotte Voake comes to my mind. I'm not sure when I first saw her work. It seems that her works have been considered classic to me for a long time. Strangely enough, as much as I love her illustration, this book is the only one I own.

When I was a kid, Aesop's fables are my favorite. The Thai edition at that time was printed in separate stories. Each was thin and small, about postcard-size I think. I collected several stories and put them in a pretty box, like a treasure. I don't know where that box is now though. I recognize just a few of these stories. It's nice to read them again and enjoy another illustration version. And I think I love this version the best :)

Looking at her work, I imagine her sitting in her studio, a pencil in her hand and then she raises her wand (the pencil) and suddenly the magic is in the air. :D Come to think of it, maybe the word I'm looking for is 'friendly'. Her work is like a sweet friend whom we can sit with and enjoy sharing our dreams and imagination under the beautiful blue sky or something like that :)

I want to talk more of her art but sometimes admiration cannot be put into words. So, I hope you enjoy her magic :) Also, This book, Insect Detective, looks very interesting too. Love the idea and the name of the book :)

Before you go, I wonder, how many stories of Aesop's fables you remember and which one is your favorite. Mine is The Hare and the Tortoise. It's the only one I remember best :P











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