My messy workspace and my passion

my messy worksace

While I was typing this post, it suddenly occurred to me that a photo of super messy workspace might not be a good idea. It's the truth anyway. I love looking at other artists' workspaces. It's strange that the messier a workspace is, the more in awe I will be. It tells you everything, focus, hard work, creativity and passion.

A few days ago I read a lovely post about passion written by Elizabeth from Lizzysapronstrings. In the post, she asked 'what is your passion?' The question made me think. I have always known that I love drawing, I love reading. They are two things that I cannot live without. But did I love them enough to make it the main part of my life?, I didn't. I found that in the past, I didn't have enough passion to make my art. There was always procrastination, I'm-too-busy, I'm-not-ready sort of things all the time. I was not busy, I was just not passionate enough to make it happen.

Two weeks ago I was offered a chance to do a small art project. It's not a paid project but I had a sense that it would bring me something. And it did. A lot of ideas came to me while I was doing the work. All of them could be applied in making new items for my shop. I realized that everything I do now I always relate to my MerryDay, instinctively.

I also notice that lately I put less things off when it comes to my art. Being exhausted is not my excuse anymore. I stay up late and wake up early with less drowsiness during the day. More focus, more concentration. I feel good. Can I say I have found my passion?

I think I do. The next question is : does passion have an expiry date?

We'll see :)


  1. Hi Pavinee,
    I just wanted to say that I really adore your header drawing and the merry new year and christmas ones, they are so lovely!
    Keep up the good work!
    Alo, does the little girl in your drawings have a name?
    Like Belle and her bunny Boo, from Mandy over at Belle and Boo in the UK? She too started like you and look what she makes now, very inspiring, I think. You could do that too, your little girl is really cute!
    Anyhoo, long comment, thanks for sharing your work.

    1. Thank you so much Maureen :D I'm glad you like my drawing.
      I love the idea of naming my character. So far, I call my little girl, Merry.
      It seems that people who are following me on my facebook page remember me by that name already. I love the name but I'm not sure if it sounds too generic?

      What do you think? :)


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