Inspire me Sunday : Liebster award and new blogs following


Hello Sunday again :) I woke up very early this morning feeling like learning something. So many things to make and do. I have one e-course to catch up. A new photo group I have just joined in. New illustration set that I need to complete and shop items that I have to take photos. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to make it all in my lifetime?

Anyway, it's Sunday, the day of relaxation and inspiration. Today I bring you some links I love through award I have just got from Ni Carnahan.

I have seen this award from other blogs for some time and still think it's a great way to find and connect to new people in blog world. I find new lovely blogs everyday and would love so much to share here :)

But I think I'm not going to follow every rule though, not sure blogs I'm sharing here have less than 300 followers. Just want to share what I enjoy reading recently :)

Here they are.

Lovely blog of children's book illustrator : Fox in Socks by Paige Keiser 

Whimsical drawings and thought-provoking posts on Lizzysapronstrings

Always love reading blogs about drawing and reading : the rain girl (she has beautiful drawing of reading girl here)

Tricia from Daring Hue is doing her pattern a day and other art and craft, I'm inspired by all the energy she has!

I hope you enjoy what I have enjoyed. I just wish I could write more and be a part of inspiration spreading just as these blogs do.

Merry Sunday everyone :)

PS. Have you seen my first DIY? I'm planing to have DIY section on this blog to keep me thinking and creating fun things. You can read my very first one here >>  DIY project : let's make butterfly bookplate!

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  1. Thank you Pavinee for mentioning my blog!! Yes, with mine you are following the rules with less that 300 followers!! : ) I woke up and journaled this morning about all the things on my list as well, having the same thoughts as you, wondering if it is possible to accomplish them all! There is so much inspiration out there!! At least our lives are not boring!! Happy Sunday to you!! : )


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