Book Beauty Monday : 365 Things to Draw and Paint


Don't you love it when you have something that reminds you of your childhood? This book is one of them. I feel happy every time I take it out from shelf and just browse through it.

There seems to be a lot of activity books out there in the book market these days. This book is one of the very first big edition of activity books Usborne has published (or at least that's what I believe). I specially love this book because I never had this kind of big book before. All the pages are beautiful and have elements that make you think and play (and I'm already a grown-up!). Love color combinations, concepts in each spread and beautiful drawings. This is one of my happy books! :D

PS.  I'm doing a new schedule for this section, Book Beauty Monday. I intended to post beautiful book every Monday at first but now I feel I need more space to talk about my illustration works, my shop improvement, my work life in general. I have found that blogging about my work process helps me focus on my goal more. So, I'm going to post about lovely book every two weeks instead from now on.

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  1. Lovely book!! Thank you for sharing! Happy creating!!!! ^____^


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