A sweet gift from a sweet friend. Thanks so much my lovely smuggler!


Just got this lovely card and gift from a wonderful friend, Conell. I have known Conell for some years. We have never met. She lives in United States and I live in Thailand. Just like crossing the earth, but thanks to the internet and blogging that we get to know each other :)

To be honest, I'm not good at writing letters. I love receiving mails or postcards but as much as I would love to, it seems that I myself don't find time to connect back.

That's a confession. I feel guilty :(

There are so many people from many places that have been kind to me. Conell is one of them. We are not so close but she regularly sends me good thoughts. I always smile when I find her letter in my mailbox and try to write back as soon as possible. Perhaps Conell doesn't realize this but I think she has a gift of giving. She is happy to write and send out love with beautiful cards carefully picked and I'm sure every one of her mail receivers will smile just like I do. That's the best gift of all, to make people happy.

And I want to be a giver too. Maybe I could start by writing her back and then write another postcards to some other friends too? :)

Thanks for the inspiration, Conell, and I love the Twizzlers. You are such a sweet smuggler! lol


  1. I am happy this card put a smile on your face! When I send little mail goodies like this, it doesn't beg for a reply. It's a spark of inspiration which I relay by post to spark something for the recipient: maybe a bit of inspiration enclosed with the fact that I thought of you. And I like to keep our mail systems at work, so that they carry pretty things across the seas and not just junk mail.

    You are welcome! And I think it's funny that I am able to smuggle sweets abroad. ;)

  2. I know you don't expect any replies :) It does spark an inspiration on me and I feel I need to find a card and write something and maybe put some surprise gift along with it like you do lol. It's very fun and I actually laughed out loud when I read the word 'smuggling' That's very funny and lovely too! :D

  3. So nice to have a pen pal like that Pavinee!


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