The return of Book Beauty Monday : The whimsical classic Dr. Seuss


From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere---Dr. Seuss

Once upon a time when I blogged more regularly, I had a blog section called Book Beauty Monday, in which I would talk about beautiful books I collected. As a book and graphic designer and going to be an illustrator, books are my main source of inspiration and now that I intend and attempt to post as regularly as I used to, this section will be needed again :)

To celebrate the return of Book Beauty Monday, let me present you the popular whimsy and the most beloved classic, Dr. Seuss.

To tell you the truth, I didn't like Dr. Seuss characters much. I thought they were not so cute and a bit ugly to my eyes. Then my sister, who is just as crazy about books as I am, pointed out how unique his books were. It's the color combinations she focused on. After really looking into his works, I absolutely agree with her!

There are millions shades of colors in this world and how you choose one to put side by side with another is very critical in illustrating pictures. It effects mood, sends out messages and draws attention. Good color combinations can make a picture unique and memorable. I think Dr. Seuss books are the best example, added up with his sense of humor and funny whimsical characters (which I eventually like), no wonder he is a classic in children's books world.

I have two Dr. Seuss books with two different color schemes to show you here. One is full of bright, dashing colors while the other is more pastel, soft and subtle. Both amazingly send out the same reading atmosphere, fun and whimsy! Enjoy!















Wonderful, aren't they? If you like beautiful books, I have a facebook page, administered by me, showing lovely pages from books I collect. Or if you prefer flickr, I store all my pictures there too.

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