Behind the Lines and Colors : how my little girl and Mr. Bunny came into a greeting card


One of my Love is... card design collection, Merry Girl and Mr. Bunny are preparing paper hearts to spread the love from the sky :)

My very first idea was that I wanted to draw a big bunny playing something with my Merry girl. Then I thought of this sketch below which I drew during work ( I have an album called Playtime dedicated to a few minute doodles during work. it's almost like my sanctuary. If you are on facebook, you can look at my drawings here.)
When in need of drawing but have no idea what to draw yet, I usually warm up with my merry girl's smiley face. Next, I would think of an activity for her to do, reading, running or eating? And should she have some friends with her? etc. I try to train myself to make a story during drawing and it's really fun when some lovely ideas come up along the way.

For this drawing, I combined Mr. Bunny with the above doodle. The paper shapes she cut were changed to paper hearts so that it looks like she and Mr. Bunny are spreading love. And when you want to spread love as much as possible, the best location should be up on the sky. So, I put them on the lovely, fluffy light blue cloud :)


The final part was thinking up a nice caption to go with the drawing. I simply use 'spread the love' and I truly believe that when you spread your love, 'you'll get it back' :)

This card will be for sale on my etsy shop, which I'm sorry to say that I'm still in the process of redesigning the whole thing. I know I keep repeating this for some time already. A bit guilty for my slowness. Right now, I am in the process of reshooting every shop items. Taking photos is the most difficult and crucial  part in having an online shop. I'm not a good photographer but I'm doing my very best.

ps. Maureen from Daydream Living asked me in the previous post if my character has a name. I think it's really good idea to name my girl. So far I call my character my Merry girl and people who are following me on facebook page seem to remember me by that calling. I wonder if I should stick with Merry Girl or should I find other lovely name? What do you think? :)


  1. So fun to see how you come up with your ideas for drawing- you are so talented. Thank you for visiting me... I will definitely be back. Have a lovely Wednesday :)

    1. Thanks so much for coming. I enjoy reading your posts too :D


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