Procrastination, Panic and Self-doubt, a Wasted Time?


I'm a lazy girl today. I have done almost nothing unless you count browsing lovely blogs as a job of collecting inspirations and knowledge. I actually think I do :) This reminds me of a book I'm reading, Craft Inc. It says :
You have to respect that the process isn't always necessarily "productive" or tidy in the usual sense. I've learned to accept that what sometimes feels or looks like wasted time--procrastination, panic or self-doubt--is really an integral and important phase of the design process for me. It helps to accept it and know it's coming, or even build time for it into the schedule. ---Denyse Schmidt / Quilts
I was so happy when I first read this part. It's like an excuse but it's so true. I don't think there's any artists in this world who don't procrastinate, panic or stuck in their own self-doubt. I always feel guilty if I don't have some tangible things to prove that I'm working. So, the idea of accepting and integrating procrastination, panic and self-doubt into our schedule is very interesting to me. We all have to go through this kind of feelings every now and then anyway, how about living with it (for a while), don't put too much pressure on ourselves and move on?

Now I think I'm procrastinating but I also know that in a few minutes I will sit down and do some works for today. That sounds reassuring somehow :)

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  1. That's so true and it's strangely difficult to accept, isn't it? I think it's so much part of our culture now that we should always be doing something that as soon as we're not, atleast not obviously, we feel guilty, like that time is being wasted or we're being lazy. I'm starting to see these moments like a kind of plateau and often feel even more productive when I come out of them than I did before them. Well at least that's what I tell myself ;)


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