My MerryDay shop is reopened today, please wait for my big announcement :)


My MerryDay shop is reopened today finally! :)

I'm not shouting it out loud yet because I need to add some more items to the shop. I want to have enough items for those who take their time to visit my shop to browse through. I think I'm going to make an official shop reopening announcement soon after that.

I'm excited about this reopening but my experience from the past tells me not to expect sales right away. This craft business takes time and it mainly depends on my hard working and determination to make it happen. This reopening is my step one. Step two is to create more art and that art must be unique and wonderful enough to sell itself. I think that is very challenging to do. I feel so enthusiastic and energized already :D

There are tons of things to learn and while my shop is in baby step, I don't mind learning along the way. Because I think I have succeeded in my first step already. That is to start doing it. :)

The official reopening announcement will be within this week. Next week I'm going to start creating my new drawing collection!

PS. In case you are curious, you can take a peek at my shop here >> http://www.etsy.com/shop/MerryDay


  1. congratulations! your work is so cute and one of a kind! :D

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer :D Glad to see you here again :)


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