Work in Progress : Floral Sunday

Work in progress : simplicity flowers mini cards

I always try to make Sunday my relaxing day, no work, maybe some research on the net and read some book. There are several Sundays that I cannot make it though. Sometimes I have to work for deadline. Sometimes I feel inspired and energized and just sit down and work anyway. This Sunday is just like that. After opening my shop again the other day, I'm feeling I'm having more fun to create my art. Perhaps, having an actual shop is like saying 'Hey! Here's my goal!' Well, it's not that I succeed in this new direction yet. But I think you know what I mean :)

I'm making some cards and bookplates today. Using some of my old drawings and made it look fresher. The theme for today is floral. Tomorrow I'm going to draw more flowers in the theme 'secret garden'. I hope I can think of something more complicated, wondering myself how it will come out :)

Work in progress : For the love of cuteness. Coming soon ♥

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