My new name cards and the MerryDay stationery design

merryday name card

I have been thinking a lot about the word 'stationery design' lately.  In the past, if someone asked me what I was doing, I would say 'graphic design and illustration' in general.  After years of working in design field, I have found that I could do better work on book design than on brochure or ads and more comfortable with illustration than logo design.  The phrase 'graphic design and illustration' becomes too broad and too general for me and I learn to refuse projects I know I'm not good at.  Things are gradually changing and it just come to me when I have to reprint my name cards that I want to put the word 'stationery design' instead of 'graphic design'.

Yes! I want to be more specific. I have been working on stationery paper goods only for my shop. Not very well at first but I think I have developed something in this specific field. I love doing illustration and then thinking up lovely wordings to go with the art.  Some of my customers who bought my cards and notebooks (I'm selling my works through facebook page only for Thai customers for now) told me that they liked wordings I put along with the illustration. I realized that perhaps this would be my new direction I would enjoy doing.

There will be a long way to go but I'm feeling so inspired and having fun thinking more ideas for my shop which is almost done for the reopening.  I'm planning to make it within this week.

Cheer for me please!


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  2. I love your cards. The designs are so playful.

  3. They are so lovely,and unique! ^________^


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