Different styles? Or do I think too much?

MerryDay gift card set

The final artwork of flowers design I did the other day. These are not new though. I drew these flowers years ago when I just started my first attempt on etsy. The flowers were developed from one of my doodles. I always liked (and still do) drawing swirly, dreamy and a bit whimsical flowers like these. I made them into greeting cards, put them on the shop and got the most viewed, I think. This flower design set also got featured in I ♥ Stationery book by Charlotte Rivers. It's my first time to be in international publication, very excited! :D


However, this flower design curiously brought me to a question : do they look completely different from my current drawing style? If you take a look at my shop, you will see that I have a lot of items featuring my smiley, merry girl, such as this :


The merry girl illustration might be categorized as kids art while the flowers look is for grown-ups? One of my friends told me that they both still gave out happy and merry feeling which is what I have in all of my drawings and is what I intend to present in my work.

I think I agree with her. I had fun drawing these two pieces and I think they really came from my inner self. You can feel if an art piece is not you, you feel uncomfortable with it and I'm not feeling that way with these two :D

My solution right now is to find a way to blend these two looks and make even more unique drawing pieces. This becomes a challenge for me. I have a feeling that if I can do it, it will be my great improvement :)

Still, people have different points of views. I'm curious what do you think of these two drawings, do they look totally in different style? What categories would you put each of these drawings in? What is your opinion in general about my drawings?

Thanks for stopping by. I would be very grateful if you could leave your opinions about this in the comment :)

PS. If you are interested in my flowers design and the cute dolphin dancing, you can look at them in my shop here :)

MerryDay flower design gift card set of 4

Art print of MerryDay smiley dolphin dancing with little mermaid


  1. I think they're both you. they provoke happy thoughts which I think is what your work does. they have that free-flow kind of feeling to both works.

    have a sweet day.

    1. Thank you Lissa :D
      I have some feedback via facebook. They said the same thing. I'm kind of relieved. I was worried that I would have different design style in the same portfolio, which didn't sound good. Now I know which way I should develop and will try to make my work more unique.

      Thanks again :D


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