Behind the lines and colors : She lost her heart in the sea of love


I think I already talked about the origin of my 365 days I draw project but since this project seems to have a great influence on my current illustration style, it would not hurt to talk about it again.

I started 365 days I draw project in December 2011 right after I sent out my Sketchbook Project 2011 to Brooklyn Library (if you have not known about this sketchbook project, you might want to click here). The idea of waking up every morning thinking about what I would draw and then do it is really addictive. I like the feeling of fulfillment with a drawing done at the end of the day. So, I began to search for another challenge to keep me in such creative track.

Stephanie is one of the artists I admire. She was doing her own challenge of drawing everyday at the time and was kind enough to let me join in. The idea of the challenge was to draw a picture from one word. It was very hard at first but when you draw everyday, you get the hang of it and ideas come more easily. So it began my 365 days I draw.

Why is it so important that I keep referring to this project? Because before this project I drew differently. I drew directly on computer using mouse and then pen mouse. The results were crisp and clean and beautiful but it lacked ideas or stories to pull viewers in. This reminded me of all the design teachers who always say that your own hand draw best. It opens your brain, challenges your imagination and there is no technical tool limitation.

So, I stayed away from the computer and drew everything by hand. The fact that I didn't need to rely on computer  or technical stuff and I could just take a pen and a sketchbook with me and drew whenever and wherever I wanted to brought me more ideas and stories.

Then after some 100 drawings and everyday doodles on my facebook page, I found that I really enjoyed drawing. My lines changed, my use of colors looked different and seemed to be better than my previous works. It suddenly came to me that I finally established my new drawing style. :D

That kind of realization brought me confidence. I can see how my drawing can be developed into something more wonderful in the future but that will need time and hard work and I'm working on it right now.

Not sure if anyone feels like I do, that when you have finally set your goal, you have some kind of liberation too. I mean when you determine to do something,  you have more focus and less confused. Your life comes in order. Problems that come in your way will be fixed as soon as possible because you don't want to stay with them too long. You have your goal to meet!

I love the kind of idea, to have a goal. It makes my life busy, sometimes energetic, sometimes exhausted but with peaceful mind all the time :)


The illustration above is developed from one of the 365 days I draw project drawings. The keyword is 'sea'. I'm not sure how the caption 'I lost her heart in the sea of love' came to me but I really liked the sentence and the idea of combining lettering and picture then happened.


The original drawing is done in black and red. When I put it in my stationery design, card and notebook, I made it look softer with orange and pale purple. I like both color versions. They both give the feeling of fun and whimsical, I think :)


How about you? Which one you like better, please tell me :)


  1. I love this illustration and the way you have coloured it, The square format seem to keep it nice and snug rather than floating in white space. Love your photo too.

    1. Thank you Suzi. I like the square format too. That's why I chose to have my notebook printed in shorter format (14.5x18 cm)


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