The History of my drawing

When I started this blog, I thought I would just post only pictures I drew  and would see my progress . Then, I thought it would be just I who know what's going on here and it would be a shame not to let those who might  happen to take their time  browsing my blog know my purpose.

As I said in my first post, the objective of this blog is, like the blog's name, to search for my style in illustration. Why? Because whenever I think about drawing something, I would pause and wonder which style. Then I would think and think and become frustrated. I feel like there's barrier in front of me keeping me away from my goal. One of the bloggers I follow said that style would come after. I quite agreed with that and one way to find it is just keep trying. So begins this blog. Since I have no idea how to find my style, I just keep it with no rules, keep it free, draw whatever I like whichever style I prefer in hope that one day I would scroll down my page and decide which style I will go with.

So, let's see what I have got so far...


I did this pic long long time ago. It was one of my portfolio pieces I presented for art school admission.

just a kid! notebook

These are samples of my first digital drawing. I used Illustrator doing this and I draw with this program ever since.


I graduated from school with graphic design degree and didn't do any illustration until this. It 's the same style with the second one with soft colors. I stuck with this style for some time.

Then I went back to this style...

illustration friday : smitten

I really like doing lines on white so I did this style a lot.


But somehow I felt like it lacked something. Maybe it's too stiff or too tight? So, I drew something lighter, more whimsical like this one below...


Then again I switched back to cuteness.


I also tried Photoshop which was kind of hard as I'm not used to the program yet.


Finally, this is my latest attempt. Something soft and sweet.


In all, I enjoyed doing each one but I don't think I found any charm in any of them. I mean it may look nice but I can't find character in them at all.

OK this is quite a long post but I'm glad I sat down and actually took time to do this...
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