One photo, blank mind


One photo, blank mind. Hope I can think of something to write here soon...


Inspire me Sunday


Ten days without any posts is not good. But I promised to myself not to talk negative things on my blog so how about some beautiful links I found during the week?

• Beautiful pattern on pattern design

• a 87 year-old grandmother and her odd-eyed kittenlovely photo book of friendship. I especially like the shot of the two with hanging white radishes.

• What is a Book?, a picture book about books created in the early 1960s. Love the illustration in vibrant yellow and pink.

• love to have one of these kitchen towels by Ingela P Arrhenius

House Held Up By Trees, beautiful book. I'm so in love with Jon Klassen's style.

Happy weekend and I hope you like my merry sketches above, by the way.

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