a colorful sneak peek

What I'm working on

What I'm working on

What I'm working on...at a very very slow pace :(
I'm beginning to feel annoyed with myself.

Maybe I need to be more careful. When you try too hard to make things perfect. More likely, they will end up mediocre.


The Mountain

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo

What a stunningly beautiful time-lapse movie. I can keep watching it all day.

Again, Nature is the greatest artist.


My Sketchbook Project 2011

library card

My Sketchbook Project 2011 has been digitized and online. You can see the whole book more easily here :) >> www.arthousecoop.com/library/1859


a simple design


A gift with simple package design for my boyfriend. Hope he likes it :)


What is your favorite drawing subject?

buterfly book

What is your favorite drawing subject?

I think my favorite drawing subject might be butterfly as you can see here, here, here and here. What I like the most is beautiful pattern design on their wings. No man can design such beauty like Nature herself, we can only be inspired by her great work :)

I had tried to find this kind of butterfly encyclopedia book for some time. Most of the butterfly books I saw have very realistic photographic images which scare me a bit (I don't like insects). So, this book with soft-colored illustrations is just perfect for me. Take a look inside here:




So beautiful, aren't they? Maybe my next drawing would be something inspired by these lovely butterfly :)

Oh! this book comes with a comparison sheet here, very nice! :D


Hope you enjoy your day. See you with my next drawing hopefully with butterfly.:D


Butterfly Girl Sketch


Initial sketch for my new drawing collection. This is in a quite slow progress as I do it along with updating my web site. This style may look quite different from what I have done so far for my shop. It's not new to me though. I have drawn similar girls since I first started my art study.


This is the very first drawing I did when I applied for art school. The original one is hand drawn on a large drawing sheet (not sure where it is now), then I drew it again on computer. Since it's done digitally and I had limited knowledge of Illustrator program's function at the time, the drawing looks so dry to me now.


Here is another one. I think I did this for Illustration Friday on the topic of 'Mysterious' some years ago. I did some more of this style after that. Then I dropped it.

Now I find that I still enjoy sketching this kind of drawing and I think it would be great if I can incorporate this with my current sketching style. So, I'm working on it now.

Let's see what I can come up with :-)

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a creative day! :D
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