365 days I draw (day 10 : clover)


She fell asleep while looking for a four-leaf clover. Can you find one for her?


365 days I draw (day 6 : talk)


With all the social network stuff, we talk more or we talk less?

(My mouse-hat image doesn't look quite right, wondering if it's clear enough...)


365 days I draw (day 5 : snow)


I'm beginning to enjoy doing this! Imagine looking at all the 365 drawings at the end of next year (hope I can make it *finger-crossed*)

It will be my great pride :D

Hope you enjoy my art :)


365 days I draw (day 4 : real)


Today's topic is 'real'. The idea behind this drawing is it seems to me that different mirror reflects different image. I mean 'me' in the mirror at home looks a bit different from 'me' in the mirror in somewhere else. I may look fat and dark in the bathroom's mirror at home but look very beautiful in shop's fitting room's one.

I know that it depends on width and shape of the mirrors and lighting in each place is different and maybe some other factors I don't know. It just occurs to me that I know I exist but I don't really know how exactly I look for real...

Not sure if I make it clear enough. Just my thought though :)


365 days I draw : day 2 and 3


Here are the drawings for my 365 days I draw challenge. The topic of the above one is 'brilliant' and it's brilliant Christmas! :D

Below are the set of day-3 drawing, 'lush'. It's one drawing but I realized that it could be separated into 2 pieces too!





365 days I draw (day 1: night)


Those who have been here before might have known that I participated in an art challenge called AEDM2010 and did a whole book of The Sketchbook Project 2011. These two things made me focused on drawing for some time. Now I have to say I miss the feeling of waking up in the morning and have a habit of searching for ideas to draw. It has something to do with pride too. When you finish something even the smallest ones each day, you feel proud and useful somehow.

Then I came across a post of Stephanie's about daily doodles challenge and I thought it's time for another challenge to get me back to drawing habit. So, here it is my '365 days I draw' challenge!

I will try to stick to topics as much as I can but may not be able to post it here everyday. I already promised to myself though that I will make it my everyday habit to draw. The goal is to help me focus more on my art and learn to get me out of the box, to constantly think in creative way.

And here is my very first drawing. The topic, which I follow Stephanie's, is 'night'


However, after I finished drawing this, I realized I still did the same thing as I had done before. I need to learn more about creating stories and working on backgrounds. So I did another sketch here :


This may look a bit strange but I drew this based on the initial drawing and tried creating a sentence to make a story which is "She dances with the Star in the night of shining moon"

What do you think of my two sketches? I enjoy doing this and just hope I can make it through the whole project!


MerryDay's Christmas design set


So, It's December already. The month of celebration, the month of thinking about the past and planning for the future. It seems to me though that December is actually a pause period for working. Everybody is busy thinking about parties, gifts and family reunion. I especially love the cool breeze in the morning and the sky looks clearer and more beautiful than in other seasons :)

And good weather really affects my mood for art :D Above is a gift card designed for MerryDay's Christmas card set. The illustration is actually a blown-up version of my Christmas Girl's hat which I drew last year.


Last year I did this girl as an e-card and postcards for my friends, didn't make it for sale but this year I'm still in love with her, so how about making her a small gift card ? and since I cannot find small envelope, I also make its envelope by hand with kraft paper :)


I love making things in set, making Christmas Girl gift tags seems like a good idea :) I love the red wine and pumpkin orange ribbon, don't you?


As if it's not enough... sometimes designing stationery set is like a game for me, I can keep on thinking about it, make it big, make it grow... Here another tag design, Red M and snowman Christmas gift tags :) Just love the red Christmas color! My friend told me that the letter M looked cute and reminded her of cookies. it's just like a compliment somehow :D

All of these Christmas items are available now on  my shop. I enjoy making this design set. Hope you love them too!



Me, myself and Joyful Time design gift set


December is coming already and I feel like I haven't done anything significant yet. This year has been almost good for me. I mean it started pretty good but then I found that things that I could handle easily in the past became irritating at present. It makes me want to pause my life and sit down and really look into my future. Is this really what I want to do or is it just something to do for a living?

Money is important. It feels good to look at increasing numbers in your bank account but it's not the most important thing in the end when you don't feel good about what you are doing. Things didn't go well and I decided to give myself a rest. Three months of preparing myself for a new journey? Sounds dreamy and somewhat elegant. I am not even sure that I can make it. But the starting step is just what I need right now.

The thing is it has been almost 2 months already but I still don't have anything tangible to be proud of. There's so many things in my head I want to do but I'm still in the starting steps :P At this moment I can only move forward and try harder, I guess it's the only way to make my life not so boring.

So, What I am doing? It's what I have been dreaming for so long but couldn't concentrate enough to make it happen. Illustration is the keyword. Stationery design is another one. There's one more month left for me to prepare my own illustration portfolio. Wondering if I can make it in time or need to extend the period.

Anyway, Images you see here are ones of my attempt. Stationery set for holiday time. Just hope it can make you feel joyful and be ready for the most awaited holiday, Christmas! :D In case you don't know yet, I have a little shop on Etsy and this holiday set is available here on my shop.

There are 3 items in this Joyful Time set here:

Joyful Time gift card

Sticker Joyful Time scalloped shape

Joyful Time gift tags

Another set of Christmas design is coming. Will talk about it soon...

Thanks for coming. Hope this post is not too boring for you.


Draw Don't Drown


Bad news for you. Well, actually, it's for me who live in Thailand.

Right now we, Thai people, have been suffering the big flood crisis for several months already. Many provinces from north to central part of Thailand have been flooded since August. Some area has recovered, some are still living in water. This big flood is part of natural disaster and part of human mistakes. It's too complicated for me to explain the latter part. I can only say that right now there's a huge amount of water traveling down and through Bangkok, the capital city where my place is.

Sounds scary? Yes, it does. But the situation is not completely unmanageable. We are unfortunate to have lousy, stupid and selfish government but at least we have the strength of local communities, volunteer spirits and a great help from our army. We are going through difficult time and although I'm not sure when and how the flood will visit my place, I have a strong feeling that we can make it and that's why I'm still here writing this post.

During this hard time, volunteer helps and fund are very important to flood victims, we have several fund-raising projects going on around the country, in real world and in cyberspace, both inside and outside of Thailand. I try to participate as much as I can and the image above is one of my contributions for a project called Draw Don't Drown.

Draw Don't Drown is a postcard design projects to aid Thailand against flood crisis. Basically, people from around the world can participate by creating any kind of visualization in postcard size to be produced as fund-raising postcards. There are lots of beautiful images over there on the facebook page to browse through and if you are interested to buy or help. please take a look at the project's info page.

I have to say that raising fund is important but it's not as important as all the spiritual support we have received here :)

There are two more images I did for this project, I will post them here very soon.

Thanks for coming I hope you have a merry day today!

By the way, I haven't thought and written in English for some time, my apologies if my English here makes you confused :( 


merry sunday!


I have been lost in facebook crowd,
Trying to find my way back to blogger now :)

Merry Sunday!


Merry girl reading (and skating :)


Take a short break from work and draw this. :D
My Merry girl is very talented. She can read while ice-skating!
Do you think what book she is reading?



New on Etsy : Ice Cream Girl to-do list notepads

My shop, MerryDay, has been quiet for a while. Today I have added a new item Ice Cream Girl to-do list Notepads.

To-do list pad design has been on my mind for some time. I'm glad I have finally made it. Last week the weather here in Bangkok was so hot that I felt I had a fever all the time. So drawing this little Ice Cream Girl seemed to cool me down :)

I'm still lousy at getting things done. Hope this little girl can help me :)

Check things off! and get yourself a scoop of sweet ice cream.:D

By the way, I'm on Google Plus now. Anyone want to add me? :)


have a merry day :)

have a merry day

Feel like posting something but couldn't find words. How about a doodle? :D


a colorful sneak peek

What I'm working on

What I'm working on

What I'm working on...at a very very slow pace :(
I'm beginning to feel annoyed with myself.

Maybe I need to be more careful. When you try too hard to make things perfect. More likely, they will end up mediocre.


The Mountain

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo

What a stunningly beautiful time-lapse movie. I can keep watching it all day.

Again, Nature is the greatest artist.


My Sketchbook Project 2011

library card

My Sketchbook Project 2011 has been digitized and online. You can see the whole book more easily here :) >> www.arthousecoop.com/library/1859


a simple design


A gift with simple package design for my boyfriend. Hope he likes it :)


What is your favorite drawing subject?

buterfly book

What is your favorite drawing subject?

I think my favorite drawing subject might be butterfly as you can see here, here, here and here. What I like the most is beautiful pattern design on their wings. No man can design such beauty like Nature herself, we can only be inspired by her great work :)

I had tried to find this kind of butterfly encyclopedia book for some time. Most of the butterfly books I saw have very realistic photographic images which scare me a bit (I don't like insects). So, this book with soft-colored illustrations is just perfect for me. Take a look inside here:




So beautiful, aren't they? Maybe my next drawing would be something inspired by these lovely butterfly :)

Oh! this book comes with a comparison sheet here, very nice! :D


Hope you enjoy your day. See you with my next drawing hopefully with butterfly.:D
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