Hello on a gloomy day


Hello. How are you today? It was very gloomy when I drew this girl but I think I can say I have a very good weekend now.

I got a really nice email about my shop. I got my newly-bought imac set up in a breeze (I was known to get into some mess whenever I changed electrical stuffs, so this is kind of relief to me). And I found that someone considered my blog one of her favorites! Now I'm in a very good mood :D

Next month is going to be my birthday month and I have something that I really really want to make it happen. It's not something grand, just some ordinary plan involving my drawing like the one above. I have a feeling that it will effect my future in some way...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure you are having a good weekend :-)


Welcome to MerryDay's Little Tea Party!


Would you like a cup of tea? With milk or just sugar? Come sit with me :-)

I don't know about you but, to me, the word 'tea time' does give me some sense of happiness, almost romantically We don't have tea time in Thailand. I guess we just have coffee time which has changed into something quite different since Starbucks came. But that's another story. Today we are going to have cups of tea, shall we?

I did this Tea Time Duo Mini Flat Notecard Set by beginning with this original drawing of the Tea Hatter. Then came the Teacup Girl. After that I dropped these two characters for a while. Now they are back with these little yummy cake girls.


A cup of tea, a piece of roll cake or a slice of strawberry shortcake while chatting with friends, what more do you want for a happy afternoon? :D

I think you can tell how much I enjoyed making this little tea time set. They are all available on my shop. I will be very happy if you just stop by and take a look :D

Thanks for coming. I wish you have a merry day and maybe a little cup of tea?


Honey & Lemon for You

honey & lemon for you

Doodling while working :) The pink flower does not really relate to honey or lemon. I'm just having a coughing symptom now. So annoying :-(


Life in slow motion


I spent the last 2 days away from computer screen and internet. Having a sore throat and low fever, I found that my body needed some rest.

Life without the internet was slow but not unpleasant. I could finish 2 books and some sketches posted here.

Sometimes being idle in work might make you productive in some other ways :)





Yellow Swirl on White or Brown


This little flower design comes from one of my doodles a year or so ago. Before opening my shop on Etsy, I had a hard time finding my own style. It took me some time to finally learn that I love drawing curve lines, something whimsical and swirly like this. I usually let my mind blank first when I put the tip of pencil on paper. Then just let the lines flow. Sometimes it ends up in something nonsense and no good for design. Sometimes the lines turn out very nice and I begin to think of next steps.

There are some times too that the original sketches in pencil which look really cool at first turn out very lame in final production. It depends...

As for this swirly flower, I printed the illustration on white paper first. It looked nice just as I expected. Then I wondered how it would look on brown paper, so I tried. Some says the one on white pops out more than the one on brown.

As the creator, I have to say I like them both. What do you think? Do you like this design on white or brown?

You can find these mini letter sets on my Etsy shop here:

Yellow Swirl Flower White mini letter set

Yellow Swirl Flower Brown mini letter set



sketchbook continued


No, I haven't dropped my friendship sketchbook theme yet. I guess my brain didn't work properly while drawing this though. I meant 'facebook', don't know why I drew 'me' instead :P But I think you get the idea :)
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