ColorCute series 5: Tea Time

Another of ColorCute series sketch and its complete colored one. I think I like the curly hair better, maybe I will fix it for a final

The end of the year is coming and December always gives me a festive feeling that makes me just want to play and no work! Well, I have to work anyway :-) I just hope that after my current projects, I will finally open my shop at Etsy. I have postponed the date several time already :-( How slow I am!


Sketch: flowers

all the flowers in my head :-)

I'm getting a bit frustrated that I haven't done any illustration
for some time. Well, I just have to try and try again everyday.
I'm glad though that at least I draw everyday, even if they are just sketches :-)


colorcute series 4: sketches

Some cute stuffs that I always enjoy drawing :-) Surely, they are in Colorcute series but none of these sketches has been colored yet. Maybe in the future...

I wish I could have a longer post here but it's too hot and I'm too tired to say anything more.

Hope you have a great day today!


Sketch: feeling romantic

A sketch I did weeks ago, just let the lines flow...

It's very hot here in Bangkok. It should have been cooler around this time of year
but everything changes now.


7 random facts about myself

So I'm kindly tagged a blog award by em-illi a wonderful photoblogger. Thank you em-illi :-)
The award is of 7 random facts about myself
Not sure if I have anything interesting but it may help you know me more?
I'm a very quiet person. When I was young, I was always asked why I kept being silent and I really thought it's my weak point. I'm still quiet now but I don't have trouble socializing anymore.
I have a passion for books, not only on reading term but also in physical way. I love the feeling of holding a book in my hand, leafing through paper pages, examining details of cover, font, layout or illustrations. I even love the scent of some paper :-)

no. 3
I wear glasses since I was in second grade. I also have a symptom called night-blindness, which makes me uncomfortable going out at night :-P
I can be very forgetful and hardly remember my childhood details.
I learned many foreign languages; English, French, Spanish, Japanese but can only manage English :-(
I spent 5 years in Seattle studying design, the best years of my life. Still missing the rain there.
I dream of having a book published written and designed and illustrated by myself one day.
That's it! Hope you know me more :-D


colorcute series 3 : Butterbee and small giveaway!

I have no idea where 'Butterbee' came from, may be bumblebee? It has no meaning of course. I just love the sound of it and think it goes well with this cute butterfly girl. The big starry eyes makes this color version look different from the sketch but I like it all the same. It's actually the first sketch that starts this series and my second most favorite ;-)

Now, I want to tell you my secret (whisper) I'm planing to have a shop on Etsy, having planned it for a long-long time and I think it's about time to materialize the idea. It should be a good way to practice my skills and show my works, don't you think?

Anyway, the shop is still in the process of preparation and I already tried printing out this piece. Then my day job interfered and I had to pause the project for a while. Today I found these 2 prints among the mess on my desk and thinking of giving them away just like last time

Why not keeping for sale? Because these prints are defects.

It seems that I have a problem with blue ink. Every time I print the color, white lines just appear in the blue area. Still figuring out how to fix that. That's why the final work has purple instead of blue:-P

So, if any of you like this butterbee and don't mind the tiny white lines on blue, I'll be happy to send it as postcards to the FIRST TWO PERSONS who comment and say they'd love to have my small postcards here :-)

I hope you like my butterbee and even if you don't, your comments will be very appreciated!

Thank you for stopping by!
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