ColorCute series 5: Tea Time

Another of ColorCute series sketch and its complete colored one. I think I like the curly hair better, maybe I will fix it for a final

The end of the year is coming and December always gives me a festive feeling that makes me just want to play and no work! Well, I have to work anyway :-) I just hope that after my current projects, I will finally open my shop at Etsy. I have postponed the date several time already :-( How slow I am!


  1. oh!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love this illustration! Looks so much in the style of the one I have from you (I have to take a photo and make a post by the way!)Open you Etsy shop! Don't give it too much thought, just go for it! I lost 6 months myself because it was never feeling like the right moment to start ;O)


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