strawberry shortcake girl

strawberry shortcake girl

I ate a lot of cake in the past few weeks and now I think I have to stop myself before it gets to my weight which is not good!

This may be on my upcoming Etsy item along with my little roll cake girl

I think I have to move on to other subjects now. Enough for cake, it just makes me want more!

I really enjoy drawing yummy things though :-P


Little Merry Girls Mini Card Trio

New listing!
I have already added my mini cards in my shop finally. This listing come in trio. Take a look and please tell me what you think.


And remember I still have FREE SHIPPING and FREE BOOKMARK for you. See here


IF : breakfast

Long time no post for Illustration Friday.

Really enjoy doing this. Breakfast is the most important meal but sometimes I get too lazy or sleepy to cook. Wouldn't it be nice to have such magician butler cook for you? :-)


My very first sale!

My very first sale just has been shipped. I'm so excited!

So now it's down to 7 people who will get the chance of FREE SHIPPING and a bookmark from MerryDay shop :-)


little roll cake girl

My latest cute cake series, little roll cake girl. The sketch of this girl had been in my sketchbook for some time until I picked it up and illustrated the other day. I really enjoyed doing this, especially in the coloring step. I did this drawing digitally as usual and I found that using soft pastel colors and a bit similar shades together made it look natural and glowing somehow. My sister said that it looked like watercolor painting. :-)

I have another cake girl to show and still thinking if I should put this girl on my shop as a postcard or 5x5 inches print...

What do you think?

Again, thanks for all comments, I find that it makes me post here more regularly :-)


I Like : I love reading -White and Red Cloud Bookmark

There are 4 things I do whenever I am not too busy with work, reading, buying books, browsing blogs and, of course, drawing. You may wonder: shouldn't reading and buying books be in the same category? Well, sometimes I just buy and buy books and not read them at all, an act you might call books buying addict. I hadn't thought of this kind of addiction much until I realized that most of my books on shelves were unread and in the past 3 months, I had spent so much money on books. So, I decided to prevent myself from buying more books as much as I could. The best way is not going out at all, which is quite easy as I work at home :-)

But now that I think I can save money on books, I encounter a dilemma here with Etsy. You see?...as long as I don't go out, my money wouldn't fly to bookshop for sure but for Etsy, it takes a great effort to resist the beauty of all things for sale over there. With one click and your amount of money in bank account will be smaller.

I fixed that by opening another account that links to Paypal and put small money on it so that I will have some kind of budget whenever I think about buying anything.

I don't think I'm a shopaholic. No, not yet ;-)

Anyway, I still love browsing things on Etsy and thankfully, there's Favorite page over there and I can save what I browse and like for future coming back. Here's one of them. A cute
I love reading -White and Red Cloud Bookmark by coccinellerouge

So, I think this post is the first post of 'I Like' section. It will be records of what I find, love and want to buy on web but just not yet. It would be like the period of thinking through before spending money online, I hope :-)

That's it for now. Have a merry day!

Oh! In case you don't know yet. I 'm having FREE Shipping offer on my shop now. Read the details in the previous post :-)


Birthday girls, FREE SHIPPING and the bookmark

I have great news for you today!

First, I have finished my Birthday Cute Cake Girl!
It has been some time since I posted the sneak peek of this girl. I thought a lot of this piece, torn between making it large size or mini card. I think postcard size would be more appropriate for birthday sending but I also like the idea of mini card.

So, I decided to do both :-P However, the mini will come later.
This birthday girl postcard comes first and is already on my MerryDay shop and she has a friend, the cupcake girl! Do you like her?

Actually, I thought of having only the birthday girl. Then I drew the cupcake one and couldn't help falling in love. They look so lovely together. So, I put them as a duo.

As if it's not enough, I added the pretty borders on top and bottom. It was some kind of experiment. I had never used this kind of craft scissors before and it was pretty hard to manage. But I like the result though. What do you think?

Now you can tell how much I enjoyed doing these pieces and I hope you like them too.

And if you like them, I say you should think about buying these cards now because...

Here the second news! ...from now I will give the first 8 buyers FREE SHIPPING plus my 'Home Sweet Home' FREE BOOKMARK, which looks like this:

These bookmarks I drew, printed and die-cut myself. Hope they would be great Thank You gifts for those who support my creativity :-)

By the way, do you think these photos look too dark? I have problems with photo shooting lately. Need to learn more about it!

Thank you for stopping by and your comments will make my day merry!


work in progress

work in progress

I'm back! :-) and these are mini cards I have planned to do since last month but was interrupted by my work.
2 weeks of book layout and I really missed my little cute girls :-)

This card measures about 7x11 cm. I wanted to make it smaller, to make it really mini but was afraid that it would lose the details. So, here they are.

Since these are not in standard size, I have to make envelopes by hand. This reminds me of the time in art school when I did a lot of handmade stuffs. My hands were pretty sure on cutting and measuring. Now I do my work digitally. Everything is viewed and sent through email and I don't have to do mock ups anymore. Without practice, my hands get stiff and even simple envelope making feels awkward to me.

Anyway, I enjoy doing this little pieces and it will be on my shop very soon along with my b-day girl here

Thanks for stopping by and have a merry day!
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